Questions Frequently Asked by Mind Games Manufacturers

Entering your latest game(s) into the Mensa Mind Games competition will reap many benefits. Here’s a great place to start if you have questions.

How many games may I enter at Mind Games?

You may enter as many games as you like, so long as they meet our eligibility requirements.

Why do you need 10 copies of my game?

We have more than 400 people playing more than 70 games in a four-day period. Because of these time constraints, we need to have at least 10 copies circulating to ensure that all of the judges have a chance to play the games. It is not uncommon for all of the games to be in play at the same time.

Can I attend Mind Games?

Unfortunately, no — even if you’re a Mensan. We pride ourselves on providing an objective evaluation of each game; judges are even discouraged from discussing their opinions among themselves. While we’re positive that you wouldn’t unduly influence even one judge, we just can’t take that chance.

What happens to the games after the event?

All copies of the games are given away to the member judges at the end of the event.

Why don’t you accept prototypes?

We want consumers to be able to go out and purchase Mensa Select winners as soon as they are announced. Further, judges rate games on several items, including aesthetics. You’ll want to enter your game in its final form to optimize your score in that category.

How do we use the Mensa Select seal?

Manufacturers of winning games receive two digital versions of the Mensa Select seal for printing on game boxes and use on your website, emails, social media, etc.