The Mensa Select® Seal

Mensa Select seal

When it gets right down to it, Mind Games® is merely the event; the whole point is the Mensa Select® seal. The five games that rank the highest during the competition receive Mensa Select distinction.

When displayed prominently on packaging, this seal instantly adds credibility in the minds of consumers and encourages their decision to purchase. Why? Because over the past 20 years, many games judged Mensa Select have gone on to become family favorites, including:

Trivial Pursuit | SET | Apples to Apples | Scattergories | Magic: The Gathering | Finish Lines | Taboo | Rush Hour | Curses!

New distribution channels have often opened for Mensa Select® winners. In past years, the buyers at Barnes & Noble and other major retailers have given special consideration to games bearing the Mensa Select® seal. In addition, all winning games are featured by American Mensa's official online retailers and here on our website.

Each winner receives the Mensa Select® seal logo in digital format for use on packaging and in advertising.

For questions about using the Mensa Select® seal logo, email our Licensing Department or call (817) 607-0060.

What about the “Recommended by American Mensa” designation?

The Mind Games annual competition has more than 50 annual entries for judging. The Mensa Select® is the top and ultimate prize that each game strives to achieve. “Recommended by American Mensa” provides manufactures an opportunity to leverage our brand for their own marketing purposes. Both options provide strong marketing opportunities for manufacturers.

By using the “Recommended by American Mensa” label, a manufacturer signals that its game, while not a top-five pick, was still identified by member judges as one they enjoyed playing and worth recommending to others. “Recommended by American Mensa” was introduced at Mind Games 2013 and has been a part ever since. Each year, 10-15 games are recognized by our judges as “Recommended by American Mensa.”