Mind Games Manufacturer Entry Requirements

Please review the following requirements before submitting your game for consideration.

Minimum Requirements

Board games, card games, and other types of table and party games for any number of players are eligible. The competition is not open to games that are incomplete or not yet in production. We cannot accommodate single-play, video, electronic, or computer games, or any games that take an inordinately long time to set up and play. Average playing time should be 90 minutes or less. All submissions must be appropriate for minors.

Entries must have entered, or will enter, national distribution between April 1, 2022 and April 1, 2024. National distribution means the game is readily available to anyone in the United States. The entry must be available currently or no later than April 1, 2024, either in stores or online, to customers across the United States without customs considerations or international shipping fees. For games sold only through the internet, our Chief Judge will make the final decision regarding eligibility. Please include at least one website on your entry form where your game is available for sale.

Games, and similar versions of games, may only be entered into a single Mind Games competition. If a game is substantially updated and revised so that gameplay is essentially new, manufacturers may submit a copy of the old and new rules; our Chief Judge will determine eligibility. Cosmetic changes do not constitute a substantial update.

During registration, please include a photo of the game being submitted. We prefer these images be in .jpg or .tif format, at least 3-inches by 3-inches (at 300 DPI). Name the file with your game’s title.

What happens next?

After entries are qualified for competition, submitters will need to provide 10 complete copies of the approved title and 15 extra sets of printed instructions. All materials for game play (batteries, cards, etc.) for each copy submitted must be provided by the manufacturer.

If your game does not meet qualifications for entry, you will receive an email detailing any issues. Please review these entry requirements carefully to ensure your game meets the necessary criteria.

Manufacturers, developers and/or their representatives are not permitted to be present during judging of games.

For more information about submitting your game, please contact our Licensing Department.