Why Compete at Mind Games?

Entering your latest game(s) in Mensa’s Mind Games competition will reap many benefits. From cost-effective market research to positive media placements, Mind Games entrants receive great value for their money.

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Entering Mensa’s Mind Games competition offers credible research at a fraction of the cost of most focus groups. Our judges are among the most avid game players in the country and will rate competitors on aesthetics, instructions, originality, play appeal and play value. After the competition, each manufacturer will receive data and feedback from our judges.

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The Mensa Select seal adds credibility in the minds of consumers. Our seal means that real people who are board game aficionados (with certified high IQs) are playing and reviewing these games with the passion of a true fan. Manufacturers place our seal on the same level as the internationally recognized Spiel des Jahres competition.

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All entrants benefit from putting their games in front of this group of avid gamers. Mind Games judges create buzz around the titles they play. This is a good source for creating fans, building community around your brand, and increasing your game’s exposure.

How does it work?

  1. Please review the entry requirements to ensure your game meets the minimum qualifications. Then, submit your game for review.
  2. Our Chief Judge will review each entry submitted for competition.
  3. Upon qualification for competition, you’ll be contacted via email with further instructions, including where to send your 10 game copies and 15 additional sets of printed instructions.